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About Us

Lingoscope is an online platform for high school or university students who are passionate about world issues and exploring different cultures.  

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Our Story

Lingoscope was first envisioned by Christine Ling. Having connected with a pen pal from Germany, she was due to participate in an exchange trip there over the summer. Although the pandemic dashed these plans, she kept in touch with her pen pal. After witnessing the added difficulties of learning a language during remotely as well as the inability to have exchange trips during the pandemic, she launched Lingoscope.


Our Mission

Lingoscope is a global language platform, welcoming high school and university students from different language and cultural backgrounds to share their passion for language learning. Our mission is to provide a safe, accessible online space for students to publish their works and interact with each other. Working with students all over the world, we hope to serve as an additional resource for language learning as well as provide an alternative to traditional exchange trips during a pandemic.

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