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About Us

Who we are.

Lingoscope is a platform for high school and university students who are passionate about learning languages and exploring different cultures. Run by students all over the world, we hope to provide readers with resources that help expand their global perspectives.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage students to take on a more global perspective when exploring and understanding global affairs and languages. Our platform aims to explore and inform youth about cultural and linguistic implications in current events. We hope to provide the tools to foster engaged global citizens and passionate language learners.

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Our Story

Lingoscope was first envisioned by Christine Ling, who realized the lack of language learning resources available when she first learned German. Despite the traditional textbooks and occasional German children's movies made public, she struggled to connect to the material and the language. It wasn’t until a school trip to Germany that she felt a genuine connection and passion for the language and culture. While exploring a German Christmas Market in Munich, she saw her previous learning efforts come to life as she engaged in small conversations and identified different foods around the market.

Over the pandemic, there was the added difficulty of not being in the classroom during language learning. Determined to provide a solution for students to both engage with language learning online and with the language’s culture, Christine launched Lingoscope. Initially, along with a few friends, they published various articles they had written in language classes before expanding their content to recipes, sightseeing guides, etc. to showcase the depth behind languages and provide cultural context to readers. Though her personal experience with learning German and more recently, Japanese, as well as discussions with fellow students, Christine had realized that more support and resources are needed to help students cultivate a passion for the language and culture they are learning. She hopes that other students will read Lingoscope to learn more about different perspectives regarding language and culture and ultimately, find their own passion in language learning.

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