Welcome to the Classics Corner! Brought to you by two high school classics students, the Classics Corner is here to branch Latin and Ancient Greek to the modern world, proving that although these languages may be considered “dead”, they are still fascinating and relevant, now more than ever. Just think, over 60 percent of all English words have either Ancient Greek or Latin roots. In fact, you probably already know some of these famous phrases or words including Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) and εὕρηκα (Eureka - I have found it)! So many aspects of our lives are influenced by Ancient Roman and Greek culture, and here at the Classics Corner, we can talk about all things classics-related! Read on to join Fedra, a 5th year Latin student, and native Greek speaker, and Sarah, a 5th year Latin and 2nd-year Ancient Greek student, navigate how these classical languages impact us today. 

Salvete and χαῖρετε!

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