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Meet The Team

Board of Directors

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Christine Ling

Founder & Executive Director

Christine Ling is a student at St. Mark's School in Massachusetts, USA. Hailing from Hong Kong, she speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently. She is also learning German and Japanese. She launched Lingoscope with the goal of showcasing student work in the languages and connecting students from around the world.


Fedra Androulidaki

Board of Directors

Fedra Androulidaki is 16 years old and goes to City of London School for Girls in the UK. She speaks English and Greek fluently and is in her fifth year of learning Spanish, German and Latin. Through Lingoscope she hopes to share her passion for languages and different cultures with students worldwide.


Sarah B.

Board of Directors

Sarah is a student at Riverdale Country School in New York, USA. She speaks English and is studying Latin and Ancient Greek. Some of her interests include travelling and learning new languages, which is why she is excited to be a part of a platform like Lingoscope!

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Edna Kilusu

Board of Directors

Edna Kilusu is a sophomore from Tanzania studying at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. She is fluent in English, Swahili and Maasai. She has also learned Mandarin and hopes to start learning Spanish soon. She is passionate about preserving cultures and languages and hopes to achieve that through Lingoscope. 


Julia Minguez

Board of Directors

Julia Minguez is a student from Madrid, Spain. She is fluent in Spanish, English, German, and French. She is passionate about learning languages and wishes to continue so and enable others to do so too through Lingoscope.


Caroline Sinn

Board of Directors

Caroline Sinn is a Year 12 student studying at Hornsby Girls' High School in Sydney, Australia. She is fluent in English and has a conversational grasp on Cantonese. She is interested in how language and culture can shape identity and would love to connect with people globally through Lingoscope. Her hobbies include, reading, exploring new places and spending time with her friends.  

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Michelle Ling

Board of Directors

Michelle Ling, MS, is a Chemistry and Biomedical Informatics graduate from the University of Chicago, currently working in the biotech industry. Growing up in a Chinese speaking household, she is fluent in English and Spanish. She enjoys learning about other cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds.

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Hope Xayaveth

Board of Directors

Hope Xayaveth is from Massachusetts, USA. She is a 10th grader at Franklin High school. She is a competitive swimmer, writer, artist, and bubble tea connoisseur (not really). She is fluent in English and Mandarin and has taken French for 10 years. She is a part of Lingoscope because she enjoys discussing and learning about new languages.


Prince Kumar

Board of Directors

Prince Kumar is a student at The Asian School in Bahrain. He is fluent in English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and French. His hobbies include painting, playing the piano, and gardening. In addition, he is a die-hard fan of boba. He joined Lingoscope because he is a strong advocate for SDG 4 and enjoys meeting people from different cultures.


Arjun Yanglem

Board of Directors

Yanglem Arjun Singh is a student at The Scindia School, one of India’s top schools. He is fluent in English and Hindi. His hobbies include poetry writing and cycling. He is very involved in social service acts and has been working on several international projects to achieve the SDG Goals set by the United Nations. He hopes to broaden his horizons through Lingoscope.


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Gaia Liu

Content Strategist

Gaia Liu is currently studying at Hong Kong International School as a sophomore. She speaks English and Chinese fluently, and is learning French as a third language. She joined Lingoscope because she is interested in both language and literature, and would like to connect with students who enjoy the same things!


Zoey Liu

Website Manager

Zoey Liu is a sophomore at Hong Kong International School. She speaks English and Chinese fluently. Over the past few years, she has also picked up French and Spanish. Zoey is excited to join Lingoscope and meet new people and languages across the globe

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Niharika Dsouza


Niharika is a 12th grader at St. Andrews College, India. She speaks English, Hindi, Marathi and is learning French. Besides languages, her favourite subjects are psychology and sociology. She loves learning about different cultures and societies through friends as it helps her understand people better.


Yoonjeong Yang

Social Media Manager

Yoonjeong (Gina) Yang is a 9th grader at St. Mark's School. 


Mandy Hui

Public Relations Manager

Mandy Hui is a 10th grader living in Hong Kong and studying at St. Mark's School in Massachusetts, USA. Apart from speaking English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, she has also been learning Spanish for 4 years. She enjoys reading, playing music, and learning. 


Fiona Tran

Outreach Coordinator 

Fiona Tran is from Hanoi, Vietnam and attends St. Mark's School in the USA. She speaks Vietnamese and English fluently and is also learning French. Fiona enjoys baking, watching movies, and eating flaming hot cheetos. She joined Lingoscope because she wants to break the stigma of language learning. 

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Caroline Gilmore

Director of Marketing & Writer

Ifigeneia is a sophomore in high school at Anatolia College in Greece. Her passion for learning languages began at an early age. She speaks English Greek, and Ancient Greek fluently. and is learning Spanish as well as French. She enjoys participating in Debate, Forensics, Impromptu, and Group Discussion. Through Lingoscope she wants to learn more about other cultures and communicate with youngsters all over the world.

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Caroline Gilmore

Content Strategist

Caroline Gilmore is a senior at Edgemont Junior-Senior High School in New York. She has studied Latin for the past six years and learned Spanish for two years in school before switching to self-study. In her free time, Caroline also enjoys discussing global issues and traveling. Her passion for language has led her to pursue classical studies in college, and she looks forward to helping connect other language lovers with Lingoscope.



Kelly Ling

Chinese editor

Kelly Ling is a 10th-grade student at St. Nicholas in Brazil. She is from China and has lived in Brazil for the past two years. She speaks Chinese and English fluently and is trying to improve her Portuguese. She enjoys learning new languages and which is why she excited to be a part of Lingoscope.


Frankie Ruperto

Chinese editor

Frankie Ruperto is a 10th grader at St. Mark’s School in Massachusetts.  He is currently enrolled in Chinese and Latin classes and has studied Spanish and Ancient Greek as well.  He enjoys ice hockey, travel and volunteering in his local community and is excited to be a part of Lingoscope. 


Coco Xia

Chinese editor

Coco Xia is a freshman at St. Mark's School in Southborough, MA. Coco is a native speaker of Mandarin and she also speaks English fluently. She is learning Spanish right now and hopes to communicate with more people in different languages in the future. In Lingoscope, Coco hopes to share her own culture and learn about different cultures, too. 


Albrina Chan

English editor

Albrina Chan is a student at Victoria Shanghai Academy in Hong Kong. She speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese fluently, and has an extensive background in Spanish. She is also learning French, Latin and German. In her spare time, she performs in a band and loves racket sports. She aspires to be a writer, and hopes to share her passion for languages through Lingoscope with students from all across the world. 


Grace Yuan

English editor

Grace Yuan is a student at Westminster School in Connecticut, USA. She comes from Beijing and speaks English, Mandarin, and Latin. Her hobbies include squash and flower arranging. Through Lingoscope she hope to share her insights into the connection between different languages and cultures with students worldwide.


Amaya Ranatunge

French editor

Amaya Ranatunge is a student at Sangamitta Girls' College in Sri Lanka. She is fluent in English, French and Sinhala. She's also a skilled painter and a writer. As a strong advocate for feminism and women rights, she joined Lingoscope to share her passion for SDG 5 with everyone through various languages.

Mitsuhiro Hara

Japanese editor

Mitsuhiro Haro is a student at St. Nicholas School in Brazil. He is Japanese and is learning English and Portuguese. He joined Lingoscope as a Japanese editor to highlight Japanese culture.


Jana Choe

Latin editor

Jana Choe is a student at The Governor’s Academy in Byfield, Massachusetts. She is fluent in English and Korean and currently is learning Latin and Greek. She joined Lingoscope to share her love and passion for the classical era and expand her knowledge of the cultural aspects of the world. 


Sylvie Nguyen

Spanish editor

Sylvie Nguyen is a 10th grade student at Newton South High School. She is fluent in English, has taken Spanish for 5 years, and is also learning Mandarin. She also has one year of Latin experience and can understand basic Korean. She enjoys knitting, learning languages, drawing, and dancing. Sylvie hopes to expand her language skills and social network through Lingoscope.

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Sofi Orfanidou

Greek Editor

Sofi is a sophomore at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is a native Greek speaker and an almost native English speaker. She can also communicate in French and can understand basic phrases in German. Also, in her school, she is taught Ancient Greek. In addition, she is also an avid MUN participant and enjoys meeting people from around the world. Additionally, she is also a member of her school’s Group Discussion team, which she enjoys a lot. She joined Lingoscope with an enthusiasm to expand her knowledge of different language families, as well as meeting new people and having an impact on people’s lives.


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Dorothy Zhu

Chinese writer

Dorothy Zhu is a junior at Basis Independent McLean, VA. She is a native mandarin speaker. Driven by her passion for learning languages, she also speaks English fluently and studies Latin, Spanish and Cantonese outside of school. Dorothy finds passion in traveling, writing and extreme sports. She is very excited to join Lingoscope and to share the love and art of languages with others.

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